Meet our firelog

100% recycled waste wood + zero chemicals + zero additives.

Who wants to have to split, stack or forage for wood to burn and waste time wrestling with building a fire? Whether you’re in the wooded wilds or lounging on a faux bear-skin rug in front of the woodstove on a frigid night, MaineFlame firelogs are here to help you get roasty.

A firelog to feel good about burning

As convenient as it is eco-conscious.

Sustainably made in the North Maine Woods from 100% waste wood leftover from logging + zero chemicals + zero additives, MaineFlame is your clean-burning, eco-friendly alternative when it comes to firelogs.

With less ash, smoke and absolutely no chemicals or additives, you can enjoy a blazing fire in no time, leaving you to bask in the glory of your competence and environmental superiority. It’s a win-win-win.

Our Process

We’re not like the other guys…

Each Maine Flame firelog is carefully made in our rehabilitated sawmill by the fine folks of Ashland, Maine, using nothing but discarded tree debris from tree harvesting operations, the sweat off our backs, and some pretty serious high-tech machinery.

Other firelog manufacturers will use wax and chemical additives to have their firelog burn longer or start easier. We figured out how to do that without all the added junk.

How it’s made

Collect Firewood

Bring to our rehabilitated saw mill in Ashland, Maine

Put inside the high-tech machinery

Use extremely high pressure to compress the biomass

Ta-da! Firelog

How to use MaineFlame

Simply remove from packaging

Add a firelog to your fire pit, campfire, wood stove or fireplace

Use some of the packaging as kindling

Light on fire


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