The Maine Way

Why we’re here and what it means to us.

Lifelong Mainers, we’ve noticed the economic landscape of northern Maine shift over time from thriving to not-so-thriving. We’ve seen our industrious logging legacy hit snafus with the closing of some of the state’s mills and power facilities. The leftover tree debris from tree harvesting that would have historically gone to these places no longer had enough places to go. You see, parts like tree tops and branches are unusable. That lead to an excess of waste wood that remained in the woods after the logging was complete, making replanting of trees nearly impossible because of the ground cover it left, not to mention a huge financial strain on the log-cutting community.

We saw an opportunity to do something good–

for our community, for the vitality of the North Maine Woods—so we began researching… a lot. After much examination, a few flights around the globe to consult the experts, the ordering of some pretty hefty high-tech machinery, and plenty of sweat and tears, we developed MaineFlame.

MaineFlame is sustainably made

in our rehabilitated saw mill located in the Northern Maine town of Ashland. Made from 100% waste wood leftover from logging + zero chemicals + zero additives, MaineFlame is your clean-burning, eco-friendly alternative when it comes to firelogs.

Spark shared moments:

Keep it easy, convenient and enjoyable.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure:

Continually strive to find innovative ways to spur environmental sustainability.

Don’t take yourself too seriously:

Bring humor to heavy topics, igniting awareness.

Lead and create a legacy:

Invest in, engage with, and be proud of our community, state and heritage.

Our Logs

We settled here to fuel our local economy and sustain Maine’s industrious logging legacy while protecting the health of the North Maine Woods. MaineFlame helps us do just that.

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